Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A quick update so my WOYWW post is not so long!!!

1.  I survived my 2nd round of dental surgery yesterday.  He gave me a different combo of drugs, so I was not so sick/dizzy afterwards, but my pain levels were worse - but I would rather have that (although I still have a good moan about it!!) than the horrible feeling of actually being ill (if that makes sense?).  I have a temperature this morning, along with very stiff and sore shoulders/neck/throat.  At least it is over and we can now concentrate on looking forward to our holiday in Spain next week.

2.  More Xmas shopping was done on Saturday.  We went to Llanelli this time (if anyone from our area hasn't been, there are loads of good shops in 2 separate retail parks - including Dunelm Mill, Lakeland and Debenhams).  Had another look for a new computer for me.  I think we will be getting a good desktop with one of the latest 'processors' and lots of memory, but get a TV that can also be used as a monitor (better picture, more uses and cheaper).  I also got 2 more little pressies for female relatives from Lakeland - along with a few bits for me (I love that shop).  See my WOYWW post tomorrow for a piccie for something that now lives in my craft room.

3.  I still have several crafty projects to complete before we go away next Tuesday.  Should be getting on with one of them now, but I had to tidy up my craft room first - and then decided I should really get a couple of blog posts done.  Trying to get a bigger profile in the wonderful world of the internet.  We are so isolated down here in Pembrokeshire and I can not travel much - so the workshops/events/shops that so many people visit on a regular basis are out of bounds to me, except for occasional brave forays into the outside world!  I am doing more on Twitter and Pinterest in particular (my Facebook account is more about my friends on there - so I don't want to chat endlessly about my crafting - I will get another account set up, which is solely for TeddyBob Crafts).

I am keen to get on at least one design team.  No luck so far, but I will keep on applying when I see a DT Call - and when I have a spare moment will directly contact any blogs/companies that I am particularly drawn to.

As part of my study, I also need to get some media exposure - including magazines.  So look out for me in 2013 !!!

4.  I would love to go out and do workshops or run a 'physical' shop - but I need to be realistic about our location and my health.  I quite simply cannot drive any distance (especially in the dark), be chatty and vibrant and then drive home again - let alone all the preparation involved.   I have worked in craft shops before and know all the work involved with stock control, display, attending trade events/meeting up with suppliers, and the customers - so that is out, which makes me sad, as I see so many empty shop premises in great locations and know that I could make a huge success out of a business like that.  Oh well, I continue with entering challenges, taking part in swaps, making cards for friends/family (but please get in touch if you would like me to do a commission - I can always find the time and enjoy the involvement with someone else's requirements), spending a lot of time on the internet, reading magazines, watching Create & Craft/QVC, and learning as many new techniques as I can.  HAPPY CRAFTING DAYS!!

5.  I have some business ideas that I can do from home - and they will be experimented with in 2013.

Enough rambling from me.  When you only see your husband and animals most days, I have to get my words out some how!

Ali x

ps  So you do get to see a piccie, this is a cute card I made for my niece's birthday - using one of the wonderful 'Teacup Kittie' decoupage designs from Joanna Sheen.



  1. Hi Ali

    I read this with a lot of interest.So pleased for you that the dental surgery is over.

    I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time in Almeria, I've been and loved it. I wonder exactly where you're going - my hols were in Mojacar. It's a lovely village! Have you come across Kate's blog - she lives not far from there.

    Being on a DT is a good way to get more exposure I agree, but the cost can be high in terms of deadlines and so on. I was invited to join one in the Spring and was all ready for the launch when I realised just how much it would take over my own pleasurable crafting time so I stepped down. One other reason was that it clashed with Sundays, which is snippets day :) But, if you have the time to devote then it could well be for you.

    If I ever set up a DT for anything, you'll be on the list!!

    Have a smashing holiday - hope the weather is kind to you.

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. Hi Ali. I do hope you soon recover from the dental surgery. It's never pleasant.
    Our weather has improved again this week so hopefully you will see some sun shine over here. We live 10 mins drive from Mojacar Playa. It is our nearest beach. If you have some spare time do give me a ring. I'd love to drive down to meet you at one of the sea front cafes, or have you here at the house, for a coffee or afternoon tea. Please use the e-mail in the side bar of my blog. If you e-mail me I will you give my phone number.(I don't want to put it on here). I do check my e-mails several times a day and the only day I am not around at all is on Tuesday.
    Hope to hear from you, Kate x

  3. So glad your surgery went ok and I hope you are soon completely over it. It's nice you have your holiday to look forward to.

    Glad you got some Christmas shopping done and found some things for yourself.

    Hope you can get caught up on your crafting projects. Hope you get your DT call up soon. Let us know when you have anything coming in a mag.

    Loving the kitty card.

    You take care.


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x