Monday, 17 September 2012

Is it just me???? Should I just give up and move to a desert island??

I am continuing to have real trouble with Blogger.  Have discovered that I can now only type out a new post using the old interface.  They keep threatening to take this away completely, but it hasn't happened yet, so I keep merrily on using it until suddenly an alarm goes off and my screen goes blank!  Just typed out a post for a challenge entry, and now can't attach a photo - so, no good when my crafting is obviously image-led.

Anyone else having issues?  What other alternatives are out there - I was new to blogging in February - seen Wordpress mentioned?  So annoying, until about a month ago I was very happy with Blogger - even with our slow internet.

Ali x

ps The new interface was absolutely ok for me, until a few weeks ago when I noticed that I could only enter a new post with the HTML button clicked, and a lot of the 'buttons' were missing (can only be seen when I hover over them). It was by trial and error that I realised that the old interface still worked ok. Cannot even get into Blogger help now!!


  1. Hi Ali, aw bless you. I don't seem to have problems here - has anything else changed, any new firewall or the like on your laptop/PC?

    Have you thought about going to the Blogger help blog and seeing what other folk are experiencing and even raising this as an issue if you seem to be alone?

    Don't know much about Wordpress but others might hop in with comments.

    Keep yer chin up and do not give up!!

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. I use blogger, with the new interface I think! It gives me occasional problems but on the whole works OK. It doesn't always want to post a 'portrait' photo, and keeps turning it sideways, 'landscape' style. When this happens I save the photo in all four directions and load them all into the 'choose photo' page. Then I can see which one is the way up I want and I upload that one.
    I also like to block each paragraph (so the lines all end even)and last night it wouldn't do it to two of my paragraphs, but it did to all the others. It is odd little problems like that which annoy me, but I still like blogger much better than word press for craft blogs. Are you using google chrome? I now find that this is better with blogger than firefox. I would persevere with the new interface if you can, so you are set up when the old one disappears.
    perhaps you could find someone who knows what they are doing to sit with you and work through the glitches? Sorry I can't be any more helpful than that. Kate x


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x