Wednesday, 8 August 2012


(Edited with the old Blogger interface, which seems to work fine - but is due to be deleted soon, so I will be back to the problems with the new one!)
 I am having real Blogger issues - can only get text to appear in the box if I click on the HTML button, so everything crossed that this appears!

I missed WOYWW last week - due to shopping for new kitchen appliances (after 13 years the old fridge/freezer and washing machine were slowly dying), lack of internet and my health (looks like my Hyper-Mobility Syndrome is worsening, and I am getting pain in my shoulder/neck). For those who do not know why Wednesday is an important day for crafters, take a trip to Julia's Stamping Ground and she will explain how to show off your workspace.

I do not have a photo of my workspace taken this week, as my new mobile phone camera is not good enough to show off any pictures taken on it (plus I haven't worked out how to link up without a cable) and I haven't got the strength to get hubby's more complicated camera out and attempt to use it! Will hunt around in my pictures library and see what I can find.  (This is an alternative view of my desk area taken a few weeks ago.)

Crafting-wise. I have been busy with Olympic-themed birthday cards for various family birthdays this month, as well as continuing with my aim to make as many Xmas cards as possible before the autumn. The shoulder/neck pain has slowed me down though. I found a Hobbycraft store in Swansea yesterday - didn't have much money to spend, but still treated myself to 2 Xmas sentiment stamps (a bargain at £1 each), and had a lovely time browsing around. I won another Challenge - and had some money to spend in the Artistic Stamper store (chose 3 fab stamps and some twine).

Ali x


  1. Aw sounds a nightmare. My BJHMS & Fibro has been awful, saw my consultant who confirmed it all so now waiting to go back to Mineral Hospital in Bath to see the Specialist team again. Sill blogger playing up. Take care & enjoy snooping this week. Zo xx 77

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Rest up and take care. LisaDV #86

  3. Sorry to hear about the blogger issues - hope you get them sorted soon and that you are feeling better. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

  4. Technical hitches aside, still fun to stop by. What a brilliantly colourful blog! How nice to go shopping without spending real money - I've just been able to do it for the first time... such fun! Enjoy your new stamps.
    Alison x

  5. I hear of so many people with blogger issues (i'm a wordpress girl!) I hope you get back to posting photos soon! happy woyww!
    Lindsay #82

  6. Sounds like a catalogue of disasters, Ali. Hope blogger starts behaving soon, I'm having trouble commenting on Typepad blogs today for some reason. Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hyper-mobility is such a nuisance, my friend from school has it really badly unfortunately. Chin up and keep crafting.

    Brenda 38

  7. Hope you feel better soon! And hope you get Blogger working. Thanks for visiting my space! Carol N #80

  8. Well feel better soon--I can commiserate with the camera issues, had some of those this week myself!!

    :)trisha, #113 this week with a quilted inchie

  9. I can relate to the pain issues. I hope you get to feeling better soon! dani101

  10. Thanks for Passing by
    you sound a bit in the wars like me I have Spondelosis in my neck and shoulder probs too and then go and slip a disc so can really relate to your pain
    Hugs to feel better soon xx

  11. Sorry to hear of all your troubles with Blogger, Ali. I hate how their help section is set up - no help at all! I hope you get things sorted out soon and that you feel better soon, as well. Thanks for coming by to visit me already! Darnell #102

  12. Hoping you and your computer get back into full working order soon!! Reading your bio, love all the animals in your family, I have a small zoo as well (tho different species). :)


  13. Hi Ali thanks for stopping by earlier - sorry your pain is getting in the way of crafty things (and life in general I suppose !)I have to drop DH off at footie in Swansea on Saturday so plan to sneak in a trip to the Hobbycraft myself - just to look of course (!!!) Did I mention I have a carful of crafty friends going to the Art Stamps Wales show on 1st Sept - let me know if you are going & we could meet to say "hi" in person ! Ali #16

  14. Yea I'm having a few issues with it as well so you are not the only one. Hope you feel better soon Iphone photos are fine I'm sure we could manage with one of those till you sort it out. Few things happening here at the moment so I was in a hurry today and I used my Iphone. Sandy :) #31

  15. I hope you feel better soon.

    Modzilla keeps crashing on me so it's taken double the time to visit than it should. Drats. I'm trying to make it around to everyone this week - that's my goal.

    Yesterday was my blog anniversary - candy will be announced soon. As part of the candy I'm offering up something made by me -- so come visit and cast your vote (if you've already been - thank you. I'm trying to visit everyone this week so haven't checked in on my comments lately).

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #96

  16. I wonder what the deal is with your blogger. Maybe try typing one line in HTML and then go to compose and see if it shows up for you! Sorry you're having so much trouble it is so frustrating when things like that happen!
    Thanks for visiting me this week again!
    ~Sandy #109
    sandy's crafty creations

  17. Sorry to hear you are poorly - hope your bargains and prizes helped to cheer you up a little! Thanks for taking the time to come and see me this week, it is much appreciated - sorry I am so late getting back!!

  18. I'm really late getting round to everyone this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog though.

    Sorry to hear that the HMS is playing up and causing you pain. On the appliance front, I can empathise as I have a freezer that's dying, and the intergral cooker tried to bust out of its housing this morning! Cooker cabinet now fixed, but the freezer is in the throes of an attempt at CPR. Wish me luck...

  19. I'm running even later than Morti! Better late than never? :)
    Anyways, your desk shot makes it look like you have lots of table top area to craft on and that looks like a dream! Sorry about your hyper mobility, um, I don't know what that condition is...but I'm still sorry that you're in such pain. :) I hope you get to feeling better soon, especially since I imagine pain in your shoulder and neck probably makes crafting nearly impossible. New appliances sound like fun, if you've got the funding, of course! :) Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by earlier and leaving me a helpful comment on my blog. You might not have had a "solution" but I appreciate the sympathy! :)


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x