Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Firstly, for those who do not know what WOYWW is, please go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details and to link a picture of your workspace on this almost sunny Wednesday.

Secondly, I am back on the slow internet, so it has taken me 2 attempts to get this finished and published, and I will not be able to comment on many other blogs - SORRY!!

Thirdly - thank you to those who have sent me wonderful ATCs to celebrate the 3rd birthday of WOYWW.  I will do another post to show piccies and thank you properly.

I wanted to show lots of photos of my big craft room tidy-up, but it will just have to be a few.  My big 6' table is in place, and I can't imagine how I managed without it.  Haven't crafted much this week - just the essential birthday cards.  New caravan shopping has taken over.  Three days of driving around looking at endless white (or even silver!) plastic boxes on wheels exhausted us both, and I was itching to get in my craft room and continue sorting out.  Don't get me wrong, I love caravans and I think we have chosen the model we want.  Managed to locate one about 3 hours drive away, and we may go up on Friday when it is due to rain (so farmer hubby is not busy in the fields) and spend a lot of money.  Hubby is riding in a 24 hour mountain biking event near Plymouth in July, so we need a new caravan by then (the old one is damp in places and may not be safe to tow for such a long journey).  More fun than it sounds - we all camp in a group, and it is an amazing atmosphere, especially at night when the bikes/riders have big lights on and you can see them riding around the course.

I will have to do more blog posts to show more photos, especially when the room is finished (I need to get proper storage to really sort everything out). 

This is the 6' table folded up, as it arrives with the courier.  These are great tables, and so useful for any purpose.  Very strong, but light enough for me to move it around.  Less than £50.

And this is the mess created by moving everything into one corner of the room to get the tables into place!  (BTW - the big white ball is my gym ball - I sit on it when my hips are particularly sore.)

Hurrah - the tables in place, ready to be filled with crafty goodies and tools.


  1. Looks fab, and new table will provide huge surface to play on! Take care & enjoy snooping the WOYWW desks of the world. Zo xx 55

  2. Wow, we have a table like this and I've never even thought to grab it for in here! Happy WOYWW!

    Di xx

  3. I have a folding table like that that I bought last year for a Crafts Fair. It's great that you'll be able to use yours all the time and have loads of room to spread out on!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #124

  4. Hurrah! The table, it is a standing!! It will be wonderful to have and you'll have such fun after your get everything sorted out! Good luck on getting the fab new caravan this weekend! Have a wonderful week! Darnell 129

  5. Hi Ali, I am desperate for a table like yours to take to craft fairs. Would you be an angel and email me the details. We are up at our caravan in the lake district this week and loving it.
    Thanks Ali
    Lynn x x

  6. My daughter an I bought a couple different tables each a while back and I bought on like that. They are awesome and I think I may go buy another. We use them for big projects and when friends are over to play, family dinners etc. big ball to sit on! Novel idea. I have fibromyalgia , CFS/ME, plus other dx and sometimes it does hurt to sit. Must look into this! Have a great week. Vickie 42

  7. Lucky you, Caranan shopping. We had to give ours up a few years back as the sites fees went over the top on the site we were on. We both still miss it lots, even though it was like shopping for 2 houses at times. What a super table, I'd need to do away with my 2 desks to fit it in. Enjoy your day. Hugs Rita xx33

  8. Your room is going to be wonderful with that big space to work on. The caravan camping sounds fun. I hope the weather has improved before the cycle event.
    Kate x

  9. Those tables are so popular! I have way too much stuff to make room for one of those though. Maybe if I told the cats and the hubby they had to move out....

  10. Hi, what a great big table, caravan shopping sounds such fun, we used to have one. The event sounds great lets hope you get good weather. Have a great day Laura #175

  11. The table looks great, you can never have too much desk space.
    Have fun caravan hunting :)
    Have a great week.
    Von #83

  12. Hi Ali!
    Thanks so much for visiting me! Your table is awesome! Tons of room. Good luck on your van driving and enjoy the trip too!!
    Happy WOYWW!

  13. Ha, I've got a table like that with my sewing machine on one end so it leaves a lot of space for cutting out fabric! Yay, have fun filling yours up with goodies - leave some space for you though... *grin*
    I think if I sat on one of those gym balls, it would explode!! Your core strength must be improved a lot by constantly sitting on it though.
    And the new caravan sounds does the bike event in Plymouth. Good luck to your hubby, that's a tough sport to be in....
    Hugs, LLJ #1
    PS Saw on a website that 5 lighthouse keeper's cottages at St Ann's Head, near Dale, were up for sale..ooh, tempted for a moment...!

  14. Those tables are great, a must in every house, the bigger they are the more you can put on them. Happy caravan hunting.

    Have a great crafting week
    Eliza #65

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  15. That table looks so useful. My mum has one similar and she can vary the height so she can sit on the settee. Good luck with the caravan shopping. I used to have a caravan many years ago...great times. My best friend takes her van to a fairly local site, next to another of her best friends and they spend the week doing craft... xx

  16. Love the new tables, boy are you going to have some fun crafting on those. Hope you enjoy every moment! Thanks also for stopping by my blog, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with my freebie digi! Karen 146 x

  17. Wow! lots of crafting space on that table! :o) good luck with the rest of your re-organisation x April#80

  18. Great table, love that it folds and actually looks 'put away'! But never mind that - look at your gorgeous floor tiles!!

  19. That table is just ready to be covered with craft stuff! Thanks for popping by my blog and your kind comments. Marie

  20. What wonderful creative space these tables will give you! I'm jealous...I've signed up to follow you this morning. Sorry to be so late...each week I try to get around to all, but so far, it just isn't happening! Glenda #95

  21. I'm always putting tables up and down, as projects need more room. Love your space now.
    Judy #22

  22. Super table and what a great idea to have that fold up space when you need it. Sandra @85


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x