Wednesday, 6 June 2012


WOYWW or 'What is on your workdesk Wednesday' is the baby of Julia and her fab blog, the Stamping Ground.  We all get together and link a blog post which shows a photo and a few (or more) words about our crafty working spaces and what we have been doing through the week.  The 3rd birthday was celebrated last week and hundreds of crafters from all around the globe join in.  Come and join us; you won't regret it.

Firstly, an apology from me - to the ladies who are waiting for an ATC from me (we made these little pieces of art to celebrate the 3rd birthday last week).  I had them made by Saturday, but then my health failed me and I was not able to get out to the post office.  The 4-day holiday weekend in the UK meant that I have had to wait until today to post them, but hopefully they will reach the girls in the UK tomorrow (and as soon as possible for the United States).

I still cannot show my craft room, as my big sort-out to fit in my new table is not much more advanced.  I will be getting on with it this week (as more rain is forecast here), so next week you can all admire my amazing extra 6' of crafting space!

Here is a photo of the ATCs I made - some doodling with black and pink pens.

I hope everyone is well and happy.  Happy WOYWW to all. 

Ali x

ps  With our new faster internet, I hope to get round more of you this week.  See this post for more details if you also live in a rural area and struggle with getting broadband - WiBE for improved broadband


  1. Coo Ali, brilliant ATCs! You're having HOW much extra crafting surface? That's downright selfish and am pea green with envy :(

    Ne're fear, we had to do a dash to hospital with OH's eye (couldn't really leave it at home could we) so my abroad ATCs are still here waiting to be posted today.

    Happy WOYWW! Di xx #47

  2. Hope you're feeling better, I've been rubbish too. Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

  3. The ATC's are brilliant.
    Lynn 61
    One I made earlier today

  4. All ladies will tell you...size DOES matter!!......what??? It's true and we are all VERY envious of your enormous craft space *grin*
    Hope you're feeling much better now,
    Hugs LLJ #70 xx

  5. bet you cant wait to get in your new craft space,hope you are feeling better and your atc is super
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  6. Hope you get your room sorted soon AND feel better. Love your ATC. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

  7. Goodluck with your sort out ...I so NEED to organize myself to do one. What a great idea to doodle your ATC's.
    I understand about your pain and not knitting....every so often I get problems..and that is bad enough. Take Care xx

  8. Love your black and pink doodled ATC, Ali. I hope you continue to feel better each day! Thanks for coming round to my place!

  9. oh go on! show us your mess, can't be any worse than mine and I'm not even moving things out! Great colours in your ATC
    (Lyn) Happy WoYww #64

  10. wishing you to feel better and to get your craftroom sorted! cute atc :)
    have a happy week,
    france #71 xx

  11. Thanks for stopping by & your kind comments ! Hope you get the craft room sorted out without too much hassle !Ali #42

  12. Hi Ali,

    Oh, but I can't wait to see your new craft room! It would be fun to see it as it's all coming together. Are you keeping a photo journal?

    Your doodle ATCs are great!!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #114

  13. Fabulous ATC's... Hope you feel better soon.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#34

  14. An extra 6 ft of craftiong space . . . awesome. Love the doodles.
    My dog loves her fish fingers... she has just had some teeth out and has some mouth ulser, they are soft for her to eat, I even cut off the crumb. we love our dog!
    jnaet #53

  15. Fabulous doodles. Happy WOYWW!

  16. We take internet for granted and sometimes don't realize that everyone doesn't have high speed yet. Congrats on your new space and new broadband! Feel better!! #2

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Someone is going to get some fun ATCs.

  18. Sorry I'm a day late in getting round this week. Thanks for sharing your ATC!!

    Lisa Sparkle :)

  19. Hi Ali,Love your quirky atcs. Sorry to hear you weren't well and hope you are improving.You've a lot to cope with!
    The patchwork is easy as long as you cut your scraps of decorated paper accurately square. Cover your base card with two sided tape then lay the squares down in a pattern or at random.... have a go!
    Love JoZarty

  20. YOu are brave..doodled the colour too! Am perfectly sure no-one minds in the least about the postal delay, hope you feel much better by now. Think what else I could buy with an extra 6ft of space!!

  21. Hope you are better now and able to enjoy your new craft space. Can't wait to see it. Love the ATC.
    Von #1

  22. Hope you are feeling better. Your doodle ATCs are fun. x Jo

  23. Very nice atc! Hope you are better today! Sorry I am so late getting by called. Thanks for posting on my blog. Have a great week. Vickie #51

  24. Thanks for stopping by my workspace and leaving me such a sweet comment! And thanks for the idea of trying to find a challenge for my teapot card...that may be just the thing I need to narrow down exactly what kind of card it should be and exactly what it should say! :)
    Can't wait to see your newly expanded crafting space, hopefully next week, huh? Your ATC doodling is darling and so is your blog theme. :)
    Deeyll #154

  25. We await the deskly unveiling with baited breath..... super cute ATCs!

    Thanks for stopping by...


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x