Sunday, 3 June 2012

Random Post No. 2 - WiBE, faster internet for those in remote areas

Just a quick post to say that we finally have quicker internet at home, and I can waste lots of time looking at stuff on YouTube etc!  Wow, there are loads of videos of craft rooms - and I can watch them all day, rather than organising my own craft room.

Our amazing internet device is called a WiBE - and it enables us to connect upto 3G with just a normal mobile broadband simcard.  Further details are at

I will be able to join in more with challenges and also get around more workspaces on a Wednesday.

Wish we had found this device sooner.  If anyone else is living in a remote area without 'fibre broadband' (ie the usual way through your phone line), then contact Richard and he will help you out.

Ali x

ps  This is a random photo!!   My wonderful Exmoor Pony, Frayne, waiting patiently (tied to a hedge!) whilst I closed a difficult gate on a track on our farm.  Sunshine - and only last week.

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  1. Wow - lucky you - living my dream - on a farm and with your own horse.



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