Sunday, 24 June 2012

Crafty Wish List

Does everyone else have a Crafty Wish List, or is it just me?! It started on the first page of a notebook I use for general notes, and is now on a 2nd page. I cross things off when I am lucky enough to get them, and keep adding as I see items in magazines or on the television. I dream of winning the Lottery, going to a big craft show like the one at the NEC and buying everything on the list - and then going home and finding space for it all !!

Is it part of my personality to want more stash all the time, or is this common in the crafty world - as I look at other people's craft spaces and see you have the same 'problem'. Is it a problem having hundreds of stamps, inkpads, pens, cardstock, scissors, glue ....... The only issue I see (except for the amount of money I spend) is what happens when I die. Sorry for being morbid so early on a Sunday morning, but my mother-in-law passed away just before Xmas and when we cleared her bungalow it struck me how temporary our time in this world is. I do make an effort to use everything in my craft room, or it gets sold on Ebay/donated to a charity shop.

Oh well, enough rambling and back to doing some actual crafting (I could spend all day blogging and sorting out my craft room - and have in fact done that on more than one occasion - I should be running a craft shop and getting paid to write about crafting!).

I have lots of new stash at the moment - the Michael Powell stamps I got as part of the Craft Stamper magazine subscription, lots of Craft Stamper back issues, the Spring and Summer limited edition Distress Inkpads, and various glue/cello bag/EZ mount foam. More on its way from Create & Craft. Will do a piccy and write up on Wednesday.

Ali x

Random piccy for you to brighten up this cloudy morning

Buzz - my Jack Russell - isn't he cute?


  1. Yes Buzz is very cute!

    No you are certainly not alone in having a craft wish list!

    Mine usually comprises of web sites where I have seen things. Sometimes I troll through them and can't remember what it was I liked, so they get scratched. I do usually treat myself once a month, when my new pension goes in (My pocket money day!), but I am trying to be a bit more discriminating about what I buy. Often, when one of our crafty friends out here dies, their family ask our Wednesday knitting/crafting club to dispose of their 'stash' for charity, and, not only is a lot of work to organise for one or two folk, but then everyone dives into it and paws through it, and it makes me rather cringe. So I think of that every time I want something new, and try to decide, do I really need it? I already have more stuff than I can ever use in my lifetime, but I still have to have some of the lovely new products on the market just to keep my work fresh. Well that's my excuse anyway.
    Happy crafting. Kate x

  2. Thank your for the kind words you've left on my blog.

    I don't think it's just you. I have also a big wishlist and looking around in blogland, visiting other creative people makes me think we all want more.
    Sometimes it's about a more easy way to create: I love my cuttlebug, so easy to use dices, but before I spent hours just cutting shapes. Ofcourse I never own the right shape.
    sometimes it's just pretty like paper. Can't have enough of that.
    Sometimes I want to try something new: can I work with fabric or clay or wathever.

    1 of my resolutions for 2012 is to use my stash up and not buy anything new. I'm doing alright. Have bought glue and an erasor and a few markers. Just stuff that was used up and I really like using them.
    But my wishlist is groing :) so much fun craft stuff out there :)


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x