Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I am having Blogger issues this morning - keeps coming up with error messages, so fingers crossed I can get this published.
No actual desk piccy this week, but I show my very cluttered storage area. The chest of drawers contains - 1. Handmade cards that have been sent to me, 2. Card blanks and envelopes, 3. Cardstock/paper - my 'scraps' drawer, some whole pieces/lots of smaller bits, 4. Toppers/decoupage sheets etc, 5. More cardstock, templates, A3 stuff.
On top there is a box with some stamp collections, label maker, X-Cut Design Runner etc. Another box with spare sticky tape/foam etc. A framed picture of my pony. A frame piece of cross stitching that I did for my Nan. Crafty Recipe Cards folder (started the collection from QVC - next lot due to arrive this month). Cuttlebug. Piggy Bank! And various other things.
The old fabric storage thingy, which is collapsing and I will replace soon - contains boxes with stamps, tags, stickers, ribbons etc, embellishments, stencils, peel-offs, ATC folder, finished cards .....
I do know where everything is!!
Hope everyone is well this week. It is cold and sunny in Pembrokeshire. Still got this virus, so should be resting - but may well go out on my pony later.
I am celebrating quietly getting over 1000 page views - which isn't bad considering I only started this blog in February.
Go to Julia's Stamping Ground and have a look at lots of workspaces, which we proudly show off on Wednesdays - hence the title, WOYWW (What is on your Workspace Wednesday). Join in, we don't bite!!
Ali x


  1. I've linked you TeddyBob my friend, sorry for the issues you've happens when you are, coincidentally attempting to link at exactly the same time as someone's infuriating, huh!! Anyway....enjoyed looking at your storage area...the fabric cubby holes have served you well, haven't they. I love that the chest of drawers is still proudly displaying the framed photos!

  2. Hope you feeling better soon . thanks for sharing your space . happy crafting

  3. Well done on the blog views. I know how you feel.
    One I made earlier today

  4. thanks for sharing your storage.


  5. congrats on your 1000 page views you are obviously doing it right.

  6. Congrats on the 1000 page views since February. I am with you on knowing what is where but when my husband comes into my craft room I know his first question will be...How do you find anything in here? Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my desk this week. Have a great week. Vickie @106

  7. This week we have had many areas with lots of crafty stuff on.... Just like yours !!!!

  8. These horrid viruses so hang around so these days don't they?! I can totally empathise and i hope you are feeling better. Pembrokeshire is such a wonderful place - we visit at least yearly to my in-laws in Newport near Cardigan.

  9. I reckon all crafter's have got an area like that! Take care, it's Friday but I'm still working my way through the WOYWW list. Love Zo xx 75

  10. whoo-hoo- a room full of crafty bits, we all have corners like yours Fabulous... Hugs May x x x No15

  11. You do live in a lovely part of the country. We have spent a lot of holidays in a farmer's field at Marloes, just overlooking the sea, and then sailing down at Dale. In fact, I think it is time to go back again to see if it has changed. I hope you are feeling a lot better and the fresh air on your pony has done you good. You are a lot tidier than I am if you know where all your things are. Take care of yourself. xx Maggie #2

  12. Thanks for sharing your space and I am sure I would have loads of fun in your space to play if permitted. LOL Hhhhmmm what's in those drawers. LOL

    Eliza #80


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