Friday, 23 March 2012

Wouldn't want to repeat this week

Well, all was going ok - until Wednesday when I had a dentist appointment.  The first one in 2 years due to my ever-growing phobia, caused by some bad experiences involving a dentist drill and pain (and failed injections) and my more sensitive mouth (caused, I thought, by my Fibromyalgia).  This was for 10.30 am in Swansea - a 2 hour drive each way for me.  Why, so far?  Well, it is a clinic specialising in 'phobics', able to offer full sedation if required.  This, of course, meant that I would not be able to make my weekly attempt to get higher up the list over at Julia's WOYWW.  An almost catastrophe in my life!!

I managed the drive up there and was greeted by friendly staff and a beautiful clinic overlooking the docks.  My dentist was very understanding, and the examination/x-rays were bearable.  However, she has discovered lots of little holes in my teeth (explains the sensitivity) and I need EIGHT fillings!!!  This will, of course, be very expensive and at the moment I am booked in for 4 separate appointments.  The first at the end of next month to do the easiest filling and scale/polish to see if I can cope with the new local anaesthetic they can offer.  If so, then perhaps we can do more fillings to reduce the number of long trips I have to make - or, if not, then it will have to be general anaesthetic.  On reflection I am thinking that a GA could be the best option and just get them all done at once.  Going to contact the clinic today to see how much that would cost.  One of the suggestions to reduce my sensitivity before my first appointment is to brush my teeth BEFORE meals (not after, as always told up until now), only have 3 meals per day, no snacking, to reduce the amount of acid in my mouth, and no fruit juice.

When I got home, our satellite broadband is not working, and my mobile dongle cannot cope with anything more than checking emails.  So - NO WOYWW this week.  Will go and see now if I can still link up very late!

Then yesterday I was attacked by a neighbour's dog whilst walking my 2 dogs.  Would have just been an annoying experience (I managed to chase him away), but I tore some muscles in my shoulder and spent all day yesterday in agony.  I was unable to do any crafting, blogging and even watching tv was horrible.  Gave in and went to A&E in the evening, and they gave me permission to combine some painkillers and take them more often (only a hospital doctor can prescribe what I am on).  Whilst there, they noticed I had swollen glands, a high temperature and swollen tonsils - so, obviously some virus that I had not noticed.  I only managed 2 hours broken sleep last night, but feeling stronger today and back in my craft room.  Still sore and stiff, but it will mend in time.  My temperature is slightly lower and just a sore/swollen throat.

Still on my mobile dongle, so internet is very slow.  Will not be entering too many challenges today - shame, as I was given the link to a blog that lists all the challenges (no wonder so many people were entering loads of challenges).  It is Feline Playful - and the button is on my blog on the right.

Oh well, it is Friday and the weather forecast is good for the week ahead.  I can not walk far, run, ride my pony, drive ... - but at least it is a good excuse to craft (takes mymind off the pain) and leave the housework!

Ali x


  1. Poor you, after reading about your experiences its makes me feel not too bad at all. Hope things get better soon for you. Its lovely to see your blog and I did join your site. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxx

  2. blimey- I see it's not only me that has those kinds of weeks.

    I can fully empathise with you on how you must be feeling - and its not long before the frustration kicks in, especially when it interferes with the things you like doing. Unfortunately, I can't even walk my dogs which frustrates the life out of me. If ever you want to chat, just drop me an email, Hope you feel better sooner rather than later.

    Paula x x x


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x