Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Incredible self control

I went in our local craft shop yesterday and didn't buy anything!!  Went into town to buy Craft Stamper magazine (my one treat this month) and passed the craft shop again on the way back (was going to resist going in).  It had some new ranges in the window, so I thought that as part of keeping up-to-date with the crafty stash world I would take a look.  Some gorgeous stash - but I was really strong and left emptyhanded (bet the shop staff were disappointed - I normally spend at least £20 in there).

You may wonder why I needed to be so strong.  Well, I have spent far too much on my credit card in the past year.  Got some amazing stash and horsey stuff, but I want to be debt-free now, so I am only spending on necessities and getting the debt paid off ASAP.  I have an account set up that keeps a record of my debt, and it has calculated that I will have it all paid off in 2 years.  Not too long in the scheme of things.

If you have any debt, then go to -


and start a Snowball of your own.

Ali x

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  1. Good for you...that does take will power.
    I am a horse lover too from a family of horse lovers.
    My girls had ponies when they lived at home and were "pony clubbers". My sister went to the Olympics for 3 day eventing.
    Now I have one little 5 year old grand daughter who is pony mad! Alas my daughter and SIL live in an a residential lot house so no room for a pony.
    Instead she takes riding lessons and draws horses and colours in my stamped images! How lovely that you have the room for ponies!!!


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x