Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A random post No.1

I had been thinking about starting another Blog to deal with the other parts of my life - but kept coming up with so many different other topics, ie Fibromyalgia, running, ponies, dogs, guinea pigs, F1 ........

However, I would then be spending ALL day adding posts/editing!

Therefore, I will just lump everything together under Random Posts, and whenever I feel the need to type about something, then I will.

Right now, I feel the need to talk about bread. Well, handmade bread. Had a fantastic Panasonic breakmaker for years until it finally died last year. Have been buying shop bread since then, but even the baked-instore stuff is not that good. So a few days ago I bought some bread flour and dusted down my bread tins. Wow - forgot how good it tastes and much nicer to know what has gone into it. Will be replacing the breadmaker soon, but for now I spend 10 minutes per day making a loaf.

Must get off this computer now. and make a sandwich

Ali x

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