Saturday, 10 October 2015

Change your life, biz and the world!

Life is busy over at Tarot Farm - lots of readings to do, study and research.  My business blog,, is on hold whilst I work on the direction that I want to take it in, and what my clients really want to read.

I am also starting a new blog and community, - if you would like to join the very new (and currently empty!) Facebook group, just get in touch at  This is for Spoonies (those who are coping with chronic health conditions) who are already running a business or are thinking of starting one.  Share the blog address with anyone in your life who may be interested.

I am also an affiliate for the Shining Life & Biz Academy.  Here is the official description - I can only add that it makes sense for me every day and I just wish I had discovered it years ago!

The Shining Biz & Life Academy is a divinely-guided, wildly-affordable and deeply-powerful success library that’s just a fraction of the cost you see elsewhere.
Chock-full of programs & resources to help you shine in every area of your biz + life, it’s one of the most generously-priced, powerfully inspired transformational training systems you’ll find, ANYWHERE in the world.
It’s a training library jam-packed with courses, meditations + kits to help you shine ­– on every level. It’s also access to an incredible mastermind of thousands of women (just like you) who cheer each other on, celebrate successes together + go the extra mile to support each other with brainstorming + guidance.
The Academy is so much more than just a single program, it gives you access to all of Leonie Dawson’s life’s work: a massive range of powerful, proven products + programs to help you transform + shine in every single area of your life and business.
The powerful Academy site even lets you keep track of which courses you’ve done, and where you’re up to in the ones you’ve not completed yet. You get to resume them whenever you like, instantly!
As a member of the Shining Biz & Life Academy you receive:
  • Powerful business + marketing training to help you start + grow your dream biz rapidly + happily
  • E-courses to supercharge your creativity, wrangle your fears + become a marketing maven
  • Illustrated workbooks to create clarity + intention across your life & biz
  • Audio meditations to soothe your soul
  • Tips to get your house decluttered + your inner world in order
  • Cleanses to bring your body into health + radiance.
  • Videos trainings, audio inspirations and workbooks to unlock your abundance, free your creativity and allow your heart and soul to shine.
The Shining Biz & Life Academy is the premier resource for you if you want to create a business and life that you love.
It has everything you need to live, work, play + create like the shining, amazing, inspiring soul you were born to be.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Slow Down but Do Not Stop

This is my top tip for anyone with Fibromyalgia or another chronic pain/fatigue condition.
It relates to our physical movement, but also to our mental exercise and our goals/ambitions.
For instance, I may not be able to run or horseride now, but I do walk my dogs/attempt to keep up with the housework.  I am also constantly learning about new things and continuing with my journey towards taking over the world with Tarot Farm!
Pacing is incredibly important/vital for us (I will be doing another blog post with advice on pacing, so subscribe today to receive updates).
I have always been active (both physically and mentally - I am naturally curious and enjoy physical movement, especially outside), which in some ways helps me with my life after my diagnosis.  However, it can also be incredibly difficult to accept that my life has changed so much.  I get jealous when I see others out riding their horses, and I cannot bring myself to throw out my running shoes.
Having a new challenge in your life, when you have been forced to abandon so much, is another vital step.  I have done a lot - bought a young donkey (always wanted a donkey of my own and knew that if I didn't do it now, then it may never happen), started Tarot Farm and really thrown myself into social media/blogging - but perhaps it will be something a lot simpler for you.  Is there a craft you have always wanted to try?  Would you like to clear a small part of your garden and grow some vegetables?  Read some of the books on your list?  Bake a cake for the first time?
It is your choice.  Start today.
Ali x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Cards, stone and numbers

This blog, which was started as a place to share my papercrafting projects in order to enter challenges, has changed into somewhere for me to share the many different aspects of my life.  A big part of my life now is Tarot Farm - the website I have set up for Tarot and Rune readings.

I also have a blog associated with it, Seek Guidance.

I have had an interest in divination for many years (I used to do Cartomancy readings - using playing cards - and Numerology, and had studied Tarot on a very casual basis), but then suddenly a few months ago Tarot came into my life again, and in many ways has taken over!  Runes also, for whatever reason, attracted me and I am now studying them too.

The global Tarot community is a friendly and inspiring place, and I am even involved in designing a card for a deck that will be sold for charity.

If I had perfect health, then my life would have taken a very different direction.  Tarot Farm is a great way for me to be involved in something that fascinates me, and I don't even have to leave the house!

If anyone is interested in having a reading, go and have a look at the website/blog or leave a comment on here.

Ali x

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Never Give Up

At one time I was a keen runner - aiming to do 10k's and trail running.  Then Fibromyalgia, Hyper Mobility Syndrome and Hip Bursitis stopped all that.  However, I still have one pair of running shoes - and for some reason I had a dream last night that I was dusting them down and going for a jog.  Then I saw the latest blog post from Running with Fibro, commented on his Facebook page and I found myself deciding to try a bit of jogging on my afternoon dog walk.

Here are the almost vintage-looking running shoes (10 years old now)!

(I didn't bother with proper socks and running tights - so please excuse the thermal socks and jeans!)

Twenty minutes later - with about 10% of that spent very slowly jogging - I arrived back home, feeling sore as usual (I had been struggling after a busy morning), but ok.  I will be trying again soon.

This is the truly awful road I chose for my route today (there are 4 roads to choose from - as well as our fields/tracks).  The worse thing about them all is the steep hills - so I actually have not got much suitable for beginner running.

I expect the sunshine helped me a lot, but I am glad I listened to my dream, and also glad that I was too stubborn to throw those running shoes away.

My health conditions have forced me to re-evaluate my life and how I live it, and now I take pleasure from even the smallest achievement.  A few steps of very slow jogging is fantastic when so many people with Fibromyalgia are sadly almost housebound.  It is important to be grateful for everything that is positive for us.

Whilst I have your attention, just a reminder that I am now doing Tarot and Rune readings.  Go over to my website or business blog for more details and quick payment buttons.

Ali x

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Sometimes words come into my mind.  Most of the time I forget these far too quickly, but today they merged into a poem.

It is not right.

I could say it is not fair, but life never is.

I should be out in the sunshine,

sharing the wind and the light.

I should be flying down a lane on 2 wheels,

or running across the mountain,

or urging my pony up a bridleway.

I am not though and it is not right.

There are people living a half life that comes

from laziness and lack of spirit.

I live a half life because of my damaged body.

My brain and spirit are mostly bright,

but my body fails me daily.

A fog of depression and sadness threatens to cover me,

and I fight it.

My spirit is strong and I search for my place in this world.

I am not who I want to be - frustration is not a big enough word.

Tears flow too often.

I keep getting up.

I keep trying to smile.

I keep moving my body and accepting the pain.

It is not right though.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Spring Clean

I really need to start writing down ideas for blog posts. Throughout the day I often think of a topic/question or whatever, and then literally within seconds it has gone out of my brain.

I am now sitting on the sofa with my laptop (it stopped working a few weeks ago and went off to be repaired), watching the F1 and catching up with the interviews/blog posts I have been planning for ages.

I intend to get more variety into this blog in the coming weeks/months. Yes, a lot of it will be related to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain/Fatigue in some way, but I have other things in my life that need writing about.

I normally type blog posts directly into Blogger, but experimenting with using Wordpad (I am not willing to pay for full MS Office!) and then copying/pasting. A more relaxed way to write and hopefully I will get more posts drafted ready to schedule each week (never done scheduling before, so wish me luck!).

I have been doing some reading into Social Media and how I can use it more effectively
Social Media bookazine from Mollie Makes.  This is something that I am fascinated with - and wish I had picked up on its importance earlier. I do feel that I have been left behind slightly, but now is the time for me to learn more and fully use its many aspects. Therefore, you will be seeing changes in how I blog in the near future. I have had several positive comments about my blog layout, so want to keep it clear and simple - but it is getting rather 'tired' now. Time for a spring clean!

If anyone has any ideas for a blog post, a question they want answered etc, get in touch.

Now for one of my random photos, as I don't want you to get bored reading my rambling!

Robbie the pony and Doris the donkey -
enjoying having another shed to relax in.
(As a spring calving herd, most of the cows have now calved
and the yard has been emptied.)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


A milestone is reached today in the wonderful world of WOYWW.  How could I not join in?  Go on over to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details and a long list of fellow-'deskers'.

Not much crafting going on in my craft room today, so I have some of my latest stash acquisitions (ie internet shopping) on display.

I have been saying for a while that I must dust down my sewing machine, and when the latest Cross Patch show came on Create & Craft (apologies for all the links, but I know people will be asking me for details on these!), I found myself ordering some of the goodies.  The larger bag will be for me, the smaller one will be a Xmas pressie (deadline then!) and the door hanger is for our granddaughter.

I have done a fair bit of digital crafting this week, including starting on the path of learning another software, Serif DrawPlus, so I can design logos etc.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my WOYWW post last week.  I hope to visit as many as possible in the next few days.

Ali x

ps  Huge thanks for those who have offered to make something for my new Etsy shop, raising funds for Fibromyalgia research, especially as we approach International Awareness Day on 12th May.  I will be setting up the shop next week and there is plenty of room for more items - I just ask for purple and butterflies to be included somewhere; any crafting is welcome.