Wednesday, 13 June 2018

WOYWW 471 - a giveaway win

Happy WOYWW to you all.  Wednesday is the day that we share photos of our crafty workspaces.  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details.

Last week I had a nasty summer cold, and it is still with me!  I have got my voice back, but still getting coughing fits, particularly at night which is annoying.  My doctor says that those with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will firstly take longer to get over viruses, and secondly that the chronic symptoms can also include sore throat, swollen glands etc.  Therefore, there isn't much I can do except for rest more, drink even more water, prop myself up in bed ....

I did go to the first local Brother Scan n Cut workshop on Saturday - and managed not to cough!  Most of the people there were even more of a beginner than me, ie several had only received their machines the day before and they had the more expensive/wifi versions.  A lot of time was spent getting them going and connected.  Those who have the cheapest version like myself, which needs a cable or USB to transfer data, spent that time cutting more designs out/using the wifi at the venue to get more free designs from various websites.  We did then go through which pens work with the Universal Pen Holder and also cutting with vinyl.  There is another workshop in August and they plan to hold them regularly.  (This was with Nat and Ian from PlannerCraft)  I have bought some online courses that go into the Scan n Cut in more detail, including the Canvas software.  These are produced by Alandra Craft (I follow their blog and YouTube channel).  I received a discount code this week, so jumped at the chance to get some detailed tutorial videos.

My first desk photo shows the lovely original artwork that I won in a giveaway.  Michelle Jackson-Mogford (of scrapbooking, digital and hybrid crafting fame - 'the one off the telly'!) does a Facebook Live every Monday evening and gives away something each week.  I won this lovely daisy design and it is waiting for me to find a frame for it.  There are also a few Christmas card fronts that I will re-use this year (found in a box whilst sorting out), my new favourite trimmer and card scraps left over from making a Fathers Day card.

I have done some reorganising and got my new storage in use.  I used to have my glues, scissors etc in different pots, but now they are all together.

My Scan n Cut waiting for the next lesson.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

ETA - just read that #WOYWW on Instagram is already a thing.  As a big fan of Instagram (my favourite form of social media), I will go and add a photo on there this morning.  My Instagram account is @iamaliwade

Ali x

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

WOYWW 470 - hybrid crafting

Happy WOYWW to you all.  It is incredible how quickly this year is going (but that does mean it will soon be time for our next trip to Spain!).  If you would like find out more about this weekly tour of crafty workspaces, click HERE.

I have had the joy of a nasty cold since Friday (and still struggling now), but did manage to get some crafting done.  This is a cheap notebook that I covered with some of the lovely papers from the new Hunkydory 'Teddy Bears Picnic' range - and then made a digital 'chalkboard' tag to personalise it further.

I also made a quick New Home card today - using one of my favourite Purple Ronnie digikits, card scraps and gems.  Simple!

I have been doing some more decluttering, including in my craft room - and will share photos when I have finished this latest round of organisation (my mixed media stash is next).

I am really excited.  I am going to my first Brother Scan n Cut workshop on Saturday.  I have only used mine a few times, but it has done everything I wanted and very well.  The main thing I want is to know the best/quickest way of doing projects, and get some inspiration.  I am good at sorting things out myself, but always good to get together with other crafters.

Our usual monthly craft workshop at SET Crafts in Haverfordwest will be in July - and is a Christmas card one!  Hard to think about that right now, as we just get going with the summer jobs on the farm, making silage and planning to collect straw.

Here is a random picture of the farm (one of the tractors parked up outside the farmhouse, with the mowing of that field just started).  As you can see, we cannot not see any buildings in that direction.

Ali x

Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Good morning all those who are joining in (or thinking of joining in) with the weekly tour of global crafty workspaces.  Click HERE for more details.

I am later than planned this morning.  Got delayed by some housework and decluttering (off to the tip and charity shop later).  When I get the urge to do this, then it has to be done!  Tired now, but very satisfying to see bags/boxes of 'stuff' going into my car.  We also have a clean and descaled coffee machine!

I plan to go over and see a friend as well this afternoon - she has a new pony to admire - so not all work.

Due to a lack of energy and rapidly increasing pain levels, there is no crafty activity in my craft room today (although I do have several cards to make - they can wait until tomorrow).  Therefore, I have displayed the lovely ATCs I received as part of the 9th Birthday celebrations last week (thank you for those and the gorgeous cards that they came with) - and the latest folder that I am filling with ATCs (started this one last autumn).  It brings me so much joy to look through my folders.  I keep promising to make a 'flip-through' video of all the folders - I will do one day.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Ali x

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

WOYWW 468 - Happy 9th Birthday to us all

Sometimes I wish I was 9 again - but then the thought of going through the teenage years puts me off!  It is the 9th Birthday of WOYWW though (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday).  I haven't been here since the very beginning, but it has been many years of sharing my crafty workspace with the world.

We are sharing ATCs as a celebration - and I have three spare, so if you would like one just let me know in your comment.

My photos are from yesterday, as I started to make the ATCs (yes, it is all about being last minute for me!).  I am off to see the nurse fairly early this morning for some tests, so knew that I needed to get one step ahead.

I owed someone an Encaustic ATC, so the waxes/iron came out and I tried out a new method.  It is a great form of crafting when you have a few items to make, as a small amount of wax goes a long way.  I needed to use a palette knife, and thankfully had bought a cheap set from The Works only last week.  All tidy so far!

These don't look like anything like the ones in the book - but I like them.

I used my iron as a hotplate for the first time.  Very easy to melt some wax on it - and not having to worry about the usual issue of it running off.

I still need to finish mounting the flowers up - but will be posting by the end of the week.

If you would like to join in, go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details.

Better go and get some breakfast (will do a longer post about Encaustic another time).

Ali x

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

WOYWW 466 - Charity Crafting

Hola to you all.  We are back from sunny Spain (and enjoyed the weekend of lovely warm weather here) and attempting to get back into some sort of routine, so here I am on a Wednesday (it is actually just afternoon as I type this) and sharing my crafty workspace.  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details.

I went to another craft workshop just before our holiday (BTW - we saw a house that we are tempted to buy, but need to sort stuff out with the farm business before putting in an offer).  We made Travellers Journals - and you can see mine at the back.  The lady running the workshop had used dies to cut the journal covers, but I will use my Brother Scan n Cut to do some more (and different sizes).

I watched some of the shows on Create & Craft also, and bought this selection pack of Mod Podge (been meaning to paint some pebbles to hide on the local beach for people to find - click HERE to find out more about how the Kindness Rocks global phenomenon started).

I also could not resist this pack of doggy-theme fat quarters (it was in their sale too). 

I am hoping to make some items to sell in a dog rescue charity auction.  Any ideas on simple projects that doggy people would like to buy?

Hope that everyone is well and enjoying their crafting.

I leave you with one photo from Spain (I am sure I will eventually do a blog post with a lot more).  Go to my Instagram account for regular photos showing how I spend my days.

Ali x

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

WOYWW 463 - knitting bag

Happy WOYWW to you all.  Opened the curtains to another grey/damp/cold looking morning in Pembrokeshire.  I know that most of the UK (and hopefully us eventually) are forecast to have some wonderful weather starting today, but being so close to the West Wales coast is not doing us any favours this morning.  Hubby is happy, as the grass is finally starting to grow and I just need to remind myself that this time next week we will be in Spain.  (Which means that I will be missing WOYWW for 2 weeks.)

ETA - forgot to post the link so that you can all join in with us on Wednesdays.  Click HERE for more details.

My photo today shows the wonderful bag that I grabbed whilst in TK Maxx (yes, I do almost live in that store!) recently.  I was looking for a bag to carry my knitting supplies around in, and could not walk out of the store without this beauty.  It is quilted, double-sided (the lining is the same as the amazing tropical print on the smaller zip-up case) and even the handle is really nicely padded.  Would have cost a lot of money anywhere else, but the Haverfordwest store does seem to get a very nice selection of bags so this was within my budget.

The dog that I started knitting awhile ago (my first project for many many years) is finished, apart from his nose and eyes.  My sewing together/stuffing skills definitely need practising, as that part took me ages.

In other parts of my life, I am feeling a bit better.  The mystery lower abdomen/kidney pain has lessened, and I am generally feeling brighter.  I go back to see my doctor after our Spanish trip.  I have been making lots of effort to rest more, so a lot of the housework/organising that I usually like to do before going away is being left.  Those cobwebs and floor polishing can wait!

I have sad news that Doris the Donkey had to be put down on Monday.  Her sarcoid had flared up and spread considerably since the end of last week.  I wanted to go down to Devon and be with her, but obviously there was no chance of me making that journey by myself and Rich is too busy on the farm.  RIP DORIS xxxxx

(The last picture I have of Doris at 'home')

(Her with her new boyfriend, Dino - I am so worried about him - at the Donkey Sanctuary)

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

WOYWW 462 - Melt Pot and Floral Organising

Happy Wednesday to you all.  It is mid-week again and time to take a tour around global crafty workspaces.  Click HERE to join in.

This is going to be a quick post for me, as my eyesight is not so good this morning.  I have had a busy time for the past week (Rich was away in France doing the Paris-Roubaix cycle ride and I seemed to have a lot more dates in my diary than usual) and my body finally said "no" yesterday.  I am planning a quiet morning, and then off to take my little car for its MOT this afternoon.

Waiting patiently for me to find a few hours in the day (and some more energy) are 2 particular things.

Firstly, a used Melt Pot which I bought via a Facebook group.  Always wanted one when they were being demonstrated on the tv a few years ago, but did not have the funds.  Suddenly remembered them last month and when I went to Google to find one, it turns out that they are discontinued and the only new ones for sale are mostly in the US/Canada and expensive.  I asked on a mixed media Facebook group for ideas on how to use UTEE without a Melt Pot, and was given a few ideas (which didn't work too well for me!), but then a lady offered me one for the grand sum of £10.  It arrived with a book, some UTEE and dyes.  Planning to make some embellies for ATCs/journals/canvas projects.  Anyone got any tips?

Secondly, the lovely new (and gorgeous floral/gingham print) storage/organiser/transporting bags etc, which I treated myself to when I saw them on Create & Craft last month.  I also bought a sewing machine bag and the larger holdall, but my courier never delivered them (which has happened twice over the years with C&C and Hermes!) and they were sold out when I asked for replacements.  Again, when I find some spare time I will be organising my paints/embossing powders etc into a more easily used system (at the moment they are loose on an Ikea trolley - and I have to rummage around trying to find what I want, which drives me mad every time).  I can also get my small collection of yarns etc into one place, and take stash/tools with me to craft workshops.  I love storage and organisation!

I hope everyone is well and happy.

Breakfast time now!

Ali x