Wednesday, 14 March 2018


To change things up a bit, and because I am hurting a lot this cold/wet/windy morning, I have just inserted my photo right at the top.

It was actually taken a few days ago, but I cleared up my crafty table after doing some stuff with my Brother Scan n Cut yesterday afternoon and nothing else has happened so far (I do have some ATCs to make and more journaling to do - but that will be later once breakfast has happened/cats fed etc).  The photo shows my messy table whilst getting some previous ATCs finished.  I love that alphabet stamp set - one of my TK Maxx bargains.  Black embossing powder, which I love apart from the mess it creates.  Those Encaustic Art ATCs have dried now (I paint a Wax Sealer on top to make them last longer) and are put away ready for more layers of something.  The pink box is one of my 'scrap boxes' - I have one for coloured pieces, another for patterned and a larger one for white/cream.

This past week has been difficult for me/us, as very sadly a friend/neighbour died (at far too young an age) and we have the funeral on Friday.  This has contributed to my struggling health right now - yesterday I woke to extreme dizzyness/room literally spinning, which brought on nausea.  I had to miss a block printing workshop that I had been looking forward to for ages (so annoying).  A general flare up of my more usual Fibromyalgia symptoms followed for the rest of the day.  I still have a painful shoulder blade/neck area after some how moving awkwardly in bed a couple of nights ago.  As I have Hyper Mobility Syndrome, obviously this meant that I pulled something in that area and still hurting now.    Health moans over!  Crafting is one of the few things that I can use to distract myself, so will get busy later this morning - and I also have my Spanish evening class tonight, so will do some practice of vocabulary too.

If you would like to take part in the global tour of crafty workspaces, go to Julia's Stamping Ground.

Ali x

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

WOYWW 457 - a real mixture, including Encaustic Art

Morning to you all.  Hope that everyone in the UK was ok during the recent bad weather.  We ended up having 3 days of snow/freezing temperatures, which caused a lot of problems on the farm.  It is lovely to be back to mud and sunshine again!

I have been busy with my papercrafting - and also started knitting again (I will share photos when I have a bit more to show - so far I have done the head/ears of the little dog I am attempting, and 2 small flowers!  If anyone else can knit/crochet some flowers for our local town's yarn bombing group, the deadline is the end of April).

My crafty table today shows the results of a recent Encaustic Art session - some ATCs, a couple of larger backgrounds for either cards or journal pages, a pile of embellies cut from the scraps, some fab plastic mailing bags I have bought for sending out ATCs, some second hand rubber stamps I bought from the craft shop in Wiltshire which I have forgotten the name of, and one of those Crafters Companion box magazine thingies. 

When I do Encaustic Art I use some cheap A3 drawing paper underneath to mop up the mess - and that is just too good to put in the bin, so I tore it up and stuck down to a small canvas.  I will eventually do something else with it, or perhaps it remains as 'abstract art'!   You can see that in the bottom left hand corner.

Here are the embellies close up - they are almost too good to use!

If anyone would like to join in with the global tour of crafty workspaces, go to Julia's Stamping Ground.

Ali x

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

WOYWW 456 - a messy desk

Happy WOYWW to you all - this is 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and you can join in HERE.

By the time you read this, my crafty table will be tidy, but I have a busy morning planned for Wednesday (leaving by 7.30 am to take our farm truck for its MOT) so I am sharing the mess created whilst making some ATCs today (Tuesday).

I am helping to do admin for a new Facebook Group (Little Marvel Mondays), which has a weekly challenge to link up photos of your ATC(s) for the given theme.  Our first week's theme is 'Time'.  Come and join in.  There is no pressure, no commitment, no prizes - just sharing our joy of making some miniature art.  (We are also looking for more team members.)

My table shows the various stash that is needed to create a design that measures 3.5 x 2.5" !!

This is a close up of that card

I tried a new copper embossing powder (I love anything copper).

This afternoon I started learning how to use the design element of using a Brother Scan n Cut, which is making my brain work.  I have also started to do some knitting after a break of several years.  Surprisingly for me I am actually remembering the basics.  I found an easy project in a magazine - a cute dog.  I will share some pictures next week (or keep an eye out on my Instagram - @iamaliwade).

Well I had better get this scheduled and get to bed - part of my symptoms at the moment are struggling in the mornings more with stiffness/fatigue, so it will be interesting tomorrow having to be out so early - the cold will wake me up!  We had hardly any snow here, as usual, but more is forecast for Thursday/Friday.  I hope everyone is coping.

Ali x

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

WOYWW 455 - a bit of stash shopping

It is going to be another busy day here and I am having one of my 'exhausted' mornings where I am struggling to wake up, so decided to get this typed up before I get pulled in a completely different direction or fall asleep on the sofa!

If you would also like to share what is on your crafty worksurface (table, desk, lap, floor, hotel room, caravan, boat ......), then click HERE for more details.

I am between craft projects - need to make a love-themed mixed media ATC this morning, so my craft table will be a lot more interesting later on (I will take photos and get them on Instagram @iamaliwade - and possibly blog as well).  Therefore, I have spread out some of my latest craft stash purchases for you to admire.

I had a surprise delivery from Hochanda (I love it when I have forgotten that I ordered something!) - the foiling kit, which looked fantastic as they demonstrated it.  I got the Joanna Sheen papercrafting kit when I was in WH Smith earlier this week.  Again, had seen it on tv and fell in love with the daffodil die, but decided that I had spent enough at that time - so was very happy to see it on the shelf in our local shop (which does have a great selection of craft magazines/kits).  The start of a birthday card which I decided not to make is below that (I love polka dots).  The Downton Abbey CD set is something I wanted when it was released, but decided to wait until it was cheaper.  It is £5 on the Crafters Companion website now! (Well, it was until they sold out.  I was getting a link for you lovely people and there are no more - but there are still lots of lovely bargains in their clearance section - and use this code, SPRING10, to get 10% off.)

Then, I have some small purchases from The Works (I also got some books for various gifts - I love that shop!).  I don't need to explain any of them to you, but I will point out that the rabbits are just small enough to fit on ATCs - and the fluffy pen, well, that just makes me smile (I bought one for my stepdaughter, and this 2nd one just jumped into my shopping bag!).

I also went along the street to the craft shop (where I have my next craft workshop on Saturday) and found a few bargains in there.

I always love the Martha Stewart range and this piercing kit will make some gorgeous ATCs.  The two Tando board kits will encourage me to do more mixed media - well that is the plan.

Enjoy your WOYWW.  I hope to be back later to do some blog reading/commenting.

Ali x

ETA - forgot to say that I am actually going to attempt some knitting/crochet after a gap of several years.  Our local yarnbombing group, who decorate the town of Haverfordwest several times per year, have requested flowers (of all sizes, colours, designs) for their spring theme - so I am going to give it a go.  If anyone would like to donate a few flowers, then email me for my address and I will pass them on.  I think the deadline is about a month away. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Happy Valentines Day and WOYWW (go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details).

It is still just about morning here in really wet/windy/cold Pembrokeshire, and I am in my craft room keeping warm and resting.  I stupidly offered to make bacon rolls for hubby and our employees, as they are all working long hours at the moment as we battle through calving.  I am struggling with pain and some nasty symptoms of Fibromyalgia at the moment - and also a possible kidney infection - but I managed the cooking of said rolls and delivered them (by car!) up to our yard about 1 mile up the road. 

I am lacking the energy to do any crafting right now.  My crafty table does have a magazine on there that I have read, and now going to go and through and cut out any useful bits.  If you haven't read Flow magazine before, I would definitely recommend it. 

I also received a fantastic ATC yesterday as part of a butterfly swap in our Facebook group.  The spoon, words and charms were just perfect for me.  If you are not aware of what a 'Spoonie' is - you can read more HERE.  Purple is the colour used by several chronic pain/fatigue groups, as well as the butterfly.

I had a lovely visit to Jan (LLJ) last week - and met Margaret there too (so doubly blessed).  We talked a lot, ate a tasty lunch and did some crafting (well, I did some embossing of Spring-coloured card).  Jan is a natural-born papercrafter of course!  It was wonderful to finally meet up in person with some 'Deskers'.  How about a crop in West Wales this year??

We took over - there was more on the floor!

Look at how happy Jan is (papercraft brings joy!) and her lovely card
Jan enthusiastically points at her gorgeous card, whilst Margaret is busy with the glue

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

WOYWW 453 - Butterflies, Dragonflies and a Llama

It is early morning in Pembrokeshire, and still dark and cold.  I was awake anyway at 5 am due to pain, but then heard cats fighting outside.  Ran outside to save our house cat, Milky, from injury (she was knocked down by a car back in 2009 and has metal in her leg) - but no sign of any felines.  Come back inside to be greeted by Milky just waking up from her bed!  Oh well, no chance of any more sleep now, so I am in my craft room attempting to keep busy when the internet keeps cutting out.

I am too tired to do anything useful - like crafting, studying or admin - but I have written out the 'backs' for some ATCs and stuck them on.  I have just discovered that one card is too small, so need to get an ATC base card to stick it to.  Once that is done, perhaps I will go downstairs now and watch some tv.  I have a busy day ahead of me, so I may even try to have a nap (yes, people with chronic pain need to take a nap whenever they feel able).

Tomorrow I take the train up the coast for lunch with Jan (LLJ) and Margaret (GlitterandGlue).  I promise to take at least one photograph.

Here is my crafty table with various ATCs -

Happy WOYWW to all those that I do not manage to visit this week.

Ali x

ps  I forgot to add a link so that you can join in or just have a browse around other crafty workspaces.  Click HERE.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

WOYWW 452 - monoprinting takes over

Good morning to you all.  I am very happy that the days are getting longer now.  It is great to get home from a craft workshop and actually be able to see my way from the garage to the back door!

I went to a monoprinting workshop yesterday afternoon and now my 'work' has taken over my craft room!  It seems that the ink takes a while to dry naturally (didn't try my heat tool, perhaps next time I will), so everything was spread out overnight when I returned in the early evening (after stopping to do some shopping in town).

Here it all is - some were more successful than others, but at least I have lots of material for journal pages/ATCs.  It is a simple technique and one that I will do more of.

I used different sorts of paper - tissue, parchment, plain copier paper and a thicker mixed media one.

I also went to a stencilling workshop on Friday and created two cards.

Workshops are great for me, as they force me to get out and be creative.  My health always takes a down turn in the UK winter and I just don't seem to have the energy to do much when I am at home.  By the time all the housework/animal care/cooking/shopping/paperwork etc is done, I usually just collapse in front of the tv.  Calving has started on the farm, so hubby is super-busy and stressed.  We go to Spain again at the end of April, so I am looking forward to escaping to the sunshine.

Ali x